Something of note: I don’t have many resources, so I can’t tale the best pictures I can. Also, I’ve only been doing real(ish) photography for maybe two years now, so I’m still very ill experienced. That being the case, I’ve been exploring and research on photography. Also, I won’t give a specific age, but I’m still very young. This makes it hard for me to really get out and about to really exploit the possibility of taking photography too seriously. As of right now, it’s a hobby. In addition, I have a rather pathetic camera (I’m working on getting a better one). I’m using it to it’s best ability and I think it works just fine for my purposes, but I apologize for there will be not so good pictures. That being said, I’m finding I have a steadier hand and a more acute eye for good positions on a certain picture. I believe I will continue to increase in my abilities and I’m excited to hear what other’s think of my pictures and even more excited for more experienced photographers’ advice.


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